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AHA, the best choice for your company

Only the best for our customers! That is the goal of AHA, the first German company where you can set the price.

Since 1998 we are producing exclusive merchandising products/gifts and events.

AHA stands for:
  • More sales due to the best buying conditions and lower consumer costs
  • Positive image through high-quality products
  • Attractive prices which you can set yourself
  • Innovative solutions
See for yourself!

Do you need some merchandising products such as; items to give away, presents for customers, gifts or supplement articles like T-Shirts, footballs or bags. How about something completely individual with your logo printed on it? Our company can produce these articles for you.

If you would like to contact us by post, email or telephone with information about your desired product, price and quantity, we will gladly send you our suggestions.

Artists Mediation

Are you looking for an entertainer or a sports person for your meeting, a fair or an event? Maybe you are you an artist and want to perform at various meetings, events and fairs?

Then contact with us and we will arrange something for you!


We organize fairs in order to give exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to get in contact with one another.

Do you want us to organize your fair appearance too?
Just give us a call!

Elements to Lease

Are you an organiser of events but do not have the necessary equipment in order to do so? We are able to lease the elements to you for the required period you need them at an excellent price. .

Call us!
We can organize the rental of missing equipment for you.


We take care of your sponsoring engagements and use the funds optimally for the desired promotion of your choice. The financial aspects for Artist's, Show Events and Advertising will be carefully applied.


Do you have organizational tasks or tasks of management, which you would like to separate from your enterprise, due to the rationalization?
Then get in touch with us, we will take care of these issues for you.


We can produce events in order to activate defined target groups for your marketing and/or communication goals.
We are able to organize your event or take over the organization of your meetings as required.

Call us!
Tel: + 49/89/ 7 60 22 22
or send us an e-mail
We love to advise you!

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