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Products » Gourmet ::

catalog » 1 x Gourmet
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin
  Click to enlarge !  Vantera Rinaldi ltd. utilizes several varieties of olives to enrich and differentiate the predominanting Ortice, from which is possible to obtain a very rare oil, rich in aromatic substances, these protect the oil from the oxidizing agents and leave its qualities unchanged in the time. In order to preserve the high quality of this product, the Rinaldi firm doesn t filter its oil, but sepatrates it in natural way, this process conserves the original organoleptic features and peculiar opacity of the genuin product. The main characteristics of our oil are: - a strong yellow colour tending to be green, - a delicate flavour, - an intense smell and a full taste with a lightly spicy reartaste. Its gastronomic and organoleptic qualities make it suitable for delicate and sophisticated palates. Besides, it is irreplaceable to prepare typical specialities of mediterranean diet.
catalog » 1 x Gourmet

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